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Western Screech Owls

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Hibernation Celebration

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In the past week, 2 potential Western Painted Turtle populations have been identified.  The first identification was made by 2 biologists who identified an endangered Western Painted Turtle at Kemp Lake in Sooke this week.  "It was basking on a log with 2 Red-eared Sliders and an Eastern Painted Turtle, both of which are introduced species." says Christian Engelstoft (MSc, RP Bio). On top of that, last week a HAT member also sent in a photograph of an adult Western Painted Turtle near the Metchosin Golf Club - exactly where the turtle was living is still unknown.

While there we still have many more questions than answers about these turtles, the report highlights the importance contribution keen observers of nature make to our understanding of species at risk.  Each year, new populations of rare and at-risk species are found when members of the public send us their photographs and observations.

If you think you’ve seen something unusual, take a photograph and tell us about it by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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Oak Leaves

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