Employment Opportunity at HAT

Currently there are no employment opportunities with HAT...

...but that doesn't mean there isn't a way for you to get your feet on the land and your hands in the earth! With a staff of 5, HAT is always looking for new volunteers to help with conservation, monitoring, counting species at risk, tabling for events, and helping out around the office, and it would be our pleasure to get to know you. If you're interested, take a look at our Volunteering page and sign up as a volunteer. You can also stay up to date on what HAT is working on by reading the HAT blog, and you can sign up for HAT's e-newsletter, The Fern (sign-up form is on the left), to get South Island conservation stories, news, and events right in your inbox.

As our Habitat Management Coordinator, Wendy, has been known to say: you heal yourself when you participate in healing the land. Join the HAT community as a volunteer and work in relationship with where you live. 

Join us for some great events, and keep your eyes on this page for any updates.


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