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With the help of Shaw TV  and their program The Daily, we were able to dig deep into our video archives and pull out some gems that were filmed over five years ago! It is amazing to watch these clips and see how far HAT has come in terms of conservation of these spaces as well as our other initiatives. We have also launched our own YouTube page here - which we will be updating regularly as we get out and film some of our covenants and upcoming events. Enjoy!





With the latest installment of Conservation Connection just around the corner (September 30th), why not take a look back at what the event looked liked in 2007!


One of our earlist covenants - Matson Land, is still being restored and cared for by our amazing volunteers and staff. Here is a short clip of Todd exploring the land way back in 2005.



Our 15th Anniversary is just around the corner but lets take a look back at where our organization was at on our 10th Anniversary.


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