Blue-grey Taildropper ID Guide Available Now!

Update: A new, graphically improved and (slightly) revised version of the Blue-grey Taildropper ID Guide is now available!  There have been some small changes to content as well to improve results.

Little is known about the habits and habitat of the diminutive Blue-grey Taildropper.  In order to better steward this endangered species, HAT needs the help of keen eyed naturalists and nature-lovers to find out where these slugs are.  Unfortunately, accurately identifying this seldom-seen slug can be difficult.  But now help is on the way!

BGTD Guide 2

As a part of our Species-at-Risk program, biologist Dr Ovaska just completed a visual ID guide (PDF, 120kb) for the Blue-grey Taildropper.  You can download it here to bring with you into the field, backyard, or local park. PLease send any reports, especially with pictures, of this slug that you may find, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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