Volunteer Spotlight: Anna Chhina

Anna Chhina volunteer 2017This month the HAT Office team would like to shower our thanks on volunteer Anna Chhina for gifting her time for local conservation with us. Thank you Anna for being there, often behind the scenes, helping us make the on-the-ground action possible with your administrative excellence!

Reflecting on volunteering with HAT Anna says,

"I initially became involved because I needed experience in an office setting and a friend who had previously volunteered at HAT recommended it. After getting to know more about HAT the people involved, I want to continue because I believe in what they do and how important the work is."

Anna says her favourite part about volunteering with Habitat Acquisition Trust so far has been the Conservation Connection Benefit Banquet, "Also the food at the banquet, that was really good."

"I realized that every little bit helps and through my volunteering I can see that it's not always about making big changes right away but that little things can also have a big impact, especially when you genuinely care for what you do."

Signing off for the holidays Anna sends us all her regards,

"Happy holiday and happy New Year, I look forward to working with you guys next year too!"

We couldn't agree more!



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