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Volunteer Spotlight: Rachael Macdonald

This month the HAT office team would like to shine the volunteer spotlight on:

Rachael Macdonald




Rachael shares a little bit of her Habitat Acquisition Trust volunteering experience with you:

"I first learned about HAT through Jill. As a regular at the coffee shop where I work, I would hear bits and pieces about the things she had been working on and was really intrigued. When I decided to go back to school to study Biology, I began volunteering in the HAT office as a way to get involved and learn about some of the things biologists do. Within the different admin tasks I’ve been doing, I’ve learned about ecological surveys and restoration management plans – things I am very interested in but didn’t think I would see until I started school. I love working with so many women who have accomplished so much in this field; their work and passion inspire me whenever I come in to volunteer."
Our Land Protection guru, Barb, shares her gratitude for Rachael: “[she] is a wonderful volunteer, and her efforts are so helpful to keeping the covenants program information updated and organized.  She shows up consistently and with a smile takes on tasks from small to complex and quickly and efficiently completes them.  Thanks Rachael!”

Our Community and Development Coordinator, Ashlea shares her thanks: "Rachael has been wonderfully helpful in all aspects of her role with us. She tackles any task without trepidation and completes them in a timely efficient manner, always willing to help wherever it is needed most! Thank you Rachael!" 

Executive Director, Jill Robinson shares her gratitude as well: "Rachael has been an excellent addition to our HAT team. She is a hardworking volunteer and a friendly face to have around the office. A huge thank you to Rachel for taking time out of her week to join our team and help with all the behind the scenes, but essential work in our office. Huge thanks!"




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