Remembering Moralea

Moralea Milne

Moralea Milne.

Passionate, fiercely determined, and undoubtedly kind, Moralea holds a special place in the hearts of all of us at HAT. Her dedication to the conservation of nature and to her family were in the forefront of her every move. She inspired us to continue learning, challenging ourselves, and to embody her unwavering sense of fairness – to do what is right, even if the road is long. 

Self-described as “a volunteer speaking and acting for the environment,” the last 18 years Moralea has whole-heartedly embraced volunteerism to be her full time responsibility. 

“I believe in the power of the volunteer to achieve remarkable goals and objectives. Volunteer commitment will make people feel good about themselves and will strengthen their relationship with their community. I make the case that volunteers can have a powerful voice in producing change as their motives are not driven by financial need and they can operate outside of conflict of (financial) interest scenarios. The last nine years that I have devoted to volunteering, mostly in the environmental field, have been rewarding beyond words.” – Moralea, 2008

As an avid naturalist with a keen eye for Lepidoptera, she inspired many with her wonderful photos and stories of butterflies and moths. She shared her enthusiasm for the natural environment by co-founding the Metchosin Foundation, hosting over 100 Talk and Walks as a major component of Metchosin Biodiversity, and coordinating BioBlitzes aplenty too. Her dedication to making Metchosin the best community it could be was demonstrated even further with over 10 years on council, advocating fervently for the voiceless natural environment. 

"The intrinsic right of our native species to flourish has become of paramount importance to me. Restoration of on ecosystem to its original integrity and self sustainability has a lot of parallels to raising our children to be productive, caring and self-sustaining adults." - Moralea

Moralea and her late husband John Webb committed to establishing a conservation covenant on her property, Camas Hill, in partnership with HAT and TLC.  Moralea explained that she wanted “to ensure the long term protection of the rare and threatened ecosystems and species that call Camas Hill home. In particular the federally recognised species at risk, the sharp-tailed snakes (Contia tenuis), that reside here.” The covenant was successfully completed in August of 2007.

So it is with great sadness and heavy hearts that all of us here at Habitat Acquisition Trust must say goodbye to our dear friend Moralea Milne. We send our love and healing to her family, friends, and community. We are truly grateful for the knowledge and dedication of spirit she shared with us. She will be deeply missed. 


Quotes from Moralea's wonderful blog: 



 Photo of HAT staff with Moralea on Camas Hill, May 2018.



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