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Restoration on Trial Islands

By: Monica Short, Species at Risk Restoration Intern

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Trial Island view gomes 300x168


As a summer student, in addition to removing invasive species, I had the opportunity to learn from Matt about the biology of different native and invasive species on the island. He took the other summer student, Alex, and I around the island to learn about different ecosystems. He also showed us areas of the island that used to be entirely covered in Scotch Broom or Ivy that are now native meadows thanks to the work put into this project by his dedicated team of students and volunteers each year. I have been working with Habitat Acquisition Trust and Matt Fairbarns on the Trial Islands Restoration Project for the last 5 weeks of this summer. This project has been ongoing for many years and it has been incredible to see the progress that has happened even in these few weeks alone. This summer we have primarily been working on removing English Ivy, which is a tedious but quite satisfying task. We spent time on both Lesser and Greater Trial Islands and it was wonderful to see the progress we made on both. We managed to clear out large areas of ivy, which will hopefully soon be recolonized by native species and species at risk. We also collected native plants seeds  on the island to use in helping recolonize these bare areas. I am very excited to see how this transition will unfold from year to year.

I feel privileged to work with Matt’s team, which is chock-full of hard working and genuinely wonderful people. Thanks to this project, I was able to connect with so many other “nature nerds” and I feel great knowing that I am contributing to the restoration of a beautiful native ecosystem.

Monica Short,

Species at Risk Restoration Intern

Photo: Trial Island View Gomes (2015)


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