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Volunteer Spotlight February 2019 - Margaret How

Volunteer Spotlight February 2019 - Margaret How 

In this, the second of 2019's Volunteer Spotlights, we'd like to highlight one of our most dedicated volunteers: Margaret How. Margaret has been involved with our events for about five years! She is always keen to help with restoration activities, events and more! Time after time Margaret has demonstrated that her passion for nature and commitment to conservation is bottomless.

When we asked Margaret what her favourite experience with us has been so far and why she initially became a volunteer with HAT, she was happy to oblige, replying:

"I first started with HAT at Ruby Creek, Colleen Long of CRD Parks took me [there] and I was hooked. The group was amazing [and] that was about 5 years ago. You [at HAT] are lovely people to work with.

My favorite experience, well that is very difficult - [I] love working on Galiano. The area is spectacular. But Matson Lands is close to the heart as all the efforts there are showing off. Havenwood is a lovely challenge with the holly. I do enjoy a good dig. Well then there is Mount Matheson - [I] totally enjoy the progress and camaraderie there. What can one say about Camas Hill? Then there is all the Metchosin efforts - although the smoke was rough [this summer]. No one location can be selected. I just truly enjoy restoration efforts and the people you meet. Thank you for the honour."

Thank you to Margaret for all your hard work, and to all who have supported habitat restoration projects with HAT so far. We are ever grateful for your support and hope that your kind words and experience will inspire others to get involved in volunteering with HAT.

If you'd like to volunteer with our any of our programs in 2019, be sure to watch for opportunities in the Volunteer Opportunities Section of the Fern, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This article is an excerpt from the February edition of our monthly E-news, The Fern.
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