Joe Richardson...A Donor's Legacy

By: Ashlea V, Community & Development Coordinator


It is one of the many privileges of working for HAT to be able to meet and get to know the wonderful supporters of our organization. Joe Richardson was one such donor, and though I met him only once, I bore witness to his dedication to conservation as gifts made to HAT in Joe's memory began to come in one by one after his passing in April. You see, it was Joe's wish that gifts be made to HAT after his passing demonstrating his commitment to our organization even after he could no longer help us carry out our mission himself. We are incredibly honored to have been in Joe's final wishes.

Since April, a total of $430 in gifts have been made to HAT from Joe's friends and family across the country, which will make a big difference for our programs in most need. Not only that, but these gifts also ensure that Joe's memory will live on forever through the conservation work we do. 

In a recent thank-you call I had with his wife Anne Richardson, I expressed HAT's condolences and also our genuine appreciation for Anne & Joe's contributions to our organization over the last number of years. When I asked Anne why she and her Late husband chose to continue supporting HAT's mission for conservation, Anne answered that she and Joe "like to support HAT because the organization is local, and mostly run by the younger generations coming up behind them" and that both Anne and Joe "felt it was important to support the up and coming generations because they will be the ones continuing the work going forward."

As a member of the "up and coming" generation Anne referred to, I was moved by her response and felt energized by her enthusiasm and was motivated to share her story with our readers. I believe that I speak for the entire organization when I say we are so grateful to Anne for sharing her story during such a difficult time. It is an honor to have the support of such caring people, and I believe it demonstrates that everyone can make a real difference for conservation both now and long into the future by sharing their support of HAT with others. 

Article written in memory of Joe Richardson. 

If you'd like to send HAT a gift in Joe's memory, please click the button below.

Photo: Anne & Joe 


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