Change is in the air

By: Ashlea V., Community & Development Coordinator


From the beginning of my role as Community & Development Coordinator up until now I have changed immensely, both in a professional and personal sense. I have often wondered what I might write to our readers at the end of my time with HAT. After a year and a half with this amazing organization, I have decided to say farewell to this position with HAT in order to pursue my long-time passion for ornithological research. 

With my new-found goals, I will be volunteering at banding stations across the country over the next year and hope to apply for a Canadian Bird Banding Permit by next fall. This will allow me to apply for bird banding positions while contributing to bird migration monitoring and research projects across the country. 

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to HAT for giving me the chance to learn and grow as a professional in the environmental non-profit sector. It has been a privilege, honor and an amazing learning opportunity to be able to work with a team of such supportive and dedicated people for the past year and a half.  My experience here has helped steer me towards continuing a career in the non-profit sector both now and well into the future. I believe non-profits like HAT and bird research stations fill a gap and are an essential part of the success of social and environmental work. I especially want to thank Katie Blake and the whole HAT team for their understanding and complete support of my decision, despite the changes it will bring to the team. I am confident that whomever fills this role in future, in whatever form it may take, will lead HAT to a brighter future and I ask you all to welcome them with open hearts and minds during this transition period. 

I would also like to express my warm wishes to all of the donors, volunteers, consultants and researchers for being so welcoming to me during my time here. I have seen first-hand how your contributions to HAT have made a big difference in the success of HAT's educational, habitat management and stewardship and land protection efforts in the CRD. If I could just ask one more thing of our supporters before I go it would be to please continue to support HAT in any and every capacity you can, while spreading the word about HAT's work to friends and family! This action alone can make all the difference to HAT's continued growth and success in conserving critical habitat areas including the some of the last remaining Coastal Douglas-fir forests on south Vancouver Island. 

Your support can take many forms; from something as simple as using HAT's Gardening with Native Plants Guide to create habitat at home for local pollinators, to becoming a member, making donations or designated major gifts, to joining HAT's Legacy Circle, and reporting sightings of at-risk species to volunteering with HAT, there are just so many fantastic ways to participate the success of this amazing organization - and I encourage you all to do so.


Ashlea Veldhoen



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