Ripping & Stripping at Havenwood

One of the best kept secrets in Colwood is a small park of 40 acres, on either sides of the Veteran Memorial Parkway near Latoria Road.  Most people might know the park as a great place to walk your dog or exercise going up the 90 steps and then back down as fast as you can.  One lady I talked to has to keep pebbles on one side to remember how many ups she has done.

Another activity in the park is on Friday mornings, when a small, dedicated team helps in the remediation of invasive species in the park.  This team has been meeting, come rain or shine, for over 5 years and have been removing the scotch broom, blackberries, daphne laurel and holly.   

Havenwood Park has two main trails and provides access to Lookout Lake. One of the smaller trails, the Olympic View Trail slopes upward to an incredible view point over the forest and across the Salish Sea to the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

If you want to join in the team fun of restoring the park all you just need about 2 hours of your time every Friday morning.  Everyone is welcome.  Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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