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HAT launches Invasive Species Speaking Tour with CRD

HAT launches Invasive Species Speaking Tour with CRD 

HAT and CRD Environmental Services are working together to deliver presentations around the region for residents interested in removing invasive plant species from their property. 

Talk title: Invasive Plants in Your Garden and How to Conquer Them

Bothered by blackberry, bindweed, and ivy? Join Paige, Stewardship Coordinator for Habitat Acquisition Trust, as she talks about how to support nature in our backyards with native plants, and how to get rid of invasive species in your yard once and for all with some easy-to-do techniques. Paige grew up on Shawnigan Lake exploring nature with her dogs, and has been enthralled by the natural world from a young age. After studying geography and botany at UVic and working with HAT, Paige is now the Pollinator Steward for the Haliburton Farm Urban Biodiversity Enhancement and Restoration Project and is co-chair of the Native Plant Study Group.

Upcoming Dates:

Saturday February 15, Victoria Seedy Saturday, Victoria Conference Centre Downtown - Visit Website for more information - $8 entry fee includes a full day of speakers

Wednesday February 26 7:00pm, View Royal Garden Club, Esquimalt United Church @ 500 Admirals Road. - Entry by Donation

Thursday February 27 7:00pm, St. Mary's Church Metchosin Challenge! at St Mary's Church @ 4125 Metchosin Rd - Free


What are invasive species? Invasive species are any non-native organism that cause economic or environmental harm and can spread quickly to new areas. An invasive plant is any plant species that has the potential to pose undesirable or detrimental impacts on people, animals or ecosystems. These plants spread quickly because they have few natural controls to keep their populations in check. Some invasive plants modify soil chemistry which can reduce the success of plants nearby. Alien, exotic, ornamental, non-native are terms used to describe plants that are not native to an area but are not necessarily invasive.

Why should I remove invasive plants? Many invasive plant species are detrimental to our local environment, society and economy, and some may even pose a threat to human and animal health. When you remove invasive plants from your land, you prevent the spread of invasive plants and make a positive impact in your community.




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