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Volunteer Spotlight: Claire Matthews

Volunteer Spotlight: Claire Matthews

In 2019, the Land Protection Coordinator had a secret weapon in the ongoing battle of untangling the mysteries of the HAT archives. This secret weapon was none other than the unassuming-by-day Claire Matthews.  During her summer break from the rigors of working at Hansard, Claire took on the task of sorting through stacks of paper files, maps, photos and random notes on the multitude of conservation inquiries that have come into the office since HAT’s inception in the 1990s.

From her cozy home office, Claire engaged her Nancy Drew-like sleuthing skills, teasing out important information, bringing order to boxes of hardcopy files, creating concise summary documents and populating a critical information database. This work will help HAT in an array of current and future protected-areas planning projects, and HAT’s Land Protection program has greatly benefitted from Claire’s skills in research and editing and her attention to detail.


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