Volunteer Spotlight: Lee Colwill

The HAT community is filled with outgoing, fun, upbeat people who make volunteering for a small non-profit a part of their weekly routines. This month - a month that itself is vibrant, colourful, and bringing with it a refreshing post-winter energy - we wanted to spotlight one of our most upbeat volunteers: Lee Colwill.
An Australian expat, Lee has been volunteering with HAT since 2012 when she started volunteering at Havenwood park. This volunteering coalesced into the Friends of Havenwood Park in 2014. This weekly stewardship group is a self-directed community group that spends some hours every week in the park, "ripping and stripping" and otherwise making sure invasive species of plants don't continue to encroach on habitat for native and other local species. As someone who loves a good joke, Lee and the rest of the Friends of Havenwood always share a laugh while they work, enjoying their time outdoors and on the land.
Last year, Lee added volunteering in the office to her schedule where she helps to organize community events like March's Music Bingo at the Fernwood Inn. Since her work as an event organizer, Lee has really brought some excitement to the HAT office, and a dedication to planning events that really comes through. After connecting with all the venue, the DJ, and assembling all of the prizes from all of our great sponsors (thanks again to the Fernwood Inn, Il Terazzo, Il Covo, Phillips, Fernwood Coffee, Smoke & Mirrors Coffee, Wildfire Bakery, & the Bateman Centre), and pulling off one of the most well attended music bingos the DJ (Sean) had ever seen, Lee is currently working on a number of other community events that are sure to get you excited, so stay tuned for more events!
Thanks Lee for being such a fun, exuberant member of the team :)


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