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Hedgerows for Habitat Movement Takes Flight

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 I really appreciate HAT’s encouragement and support in developing the pollinator fedge here at Metchosin Farm. Seeds are the foundation of our food chain, and the 250+ seed crop varieties that we grow require a lot of pollination! We grow quite a few native plant species, and having our native pollinators is a wonderful way to support both of these. As a farmer I’m often running full-tilt trying to keep up with the weather, planting, administration and a myriad of tasks. Having Paige and Ronna from HAT helping to source and plant native species in the fedge made it possible to get more done there this year than I otherwise would have been able to. Thank you, HAT!

-Fiona Hamersley Chambers, Owner of Metchosin Farm

 The Team - Metchosin Farm

Metchosin Farm - Organic Seeds - Open-pollinated


Check out HAT's brand new video about Hedgerows and how to plant your native plants!

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