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Camas Hill

The act of freeing delicate mosses and wildflowers from beneath the overbearing invasive species that shade and crowd out all surrounding life, is a wonderful act of repentance for the harm that settlers and their relatives committed and continue to commit on this landscape. The impact of colonization on Vancouver Island is one that can be seen on the physical landscape around us. Invasive species create vast swaths of land where biodiversity is reduced to almost nothing. In late Janurary HAT hosted a memorial pull on Camas Hil for Moralea Milne, a butterfly specialist, restoration guru and an advocate for reconciliation and partnerships with indigenous communities during her career as councillor. The event was attended by a small group of volunteers who knew Moralea and a few HAT staff.


Photo credit Paige Erickson-McGee

“A beautiful day was had with HAT staff and friends of Moralea Milne who participated in continuing Moralea’s passion and commitment to making Camas Hill free of Scotch Broom, by removing over 10 m3 of the invasive plant. Moralea and her husband John placed a conservation covenant on the land in 2007, with the foresight to protect this ecological gem in perpetuity. Habitat Acquisition Trust is the primary covenant holder. Moralea passed away tragically in a car crash in the summer of 2018. With consent of the Milne Family, HAT will continue hosting annual memorial broom removal events at Camas Hill with friends and family in the years to come.”

-Wendy Tyrrell, Habitat Management Coordinator

We encourage you to keep your eyes open for future HAT events that will be open to the public. HAT hopes to continue bringing individuals and communities together through conservation. In these times of isolation however I encourage you to sign up and complete the decolonized landscape challenge from Cheryl Bryce who works for the First Nation Land Management Resource Center as First Nation Support BC and is a Songhees Nation member. 

 "I challenge you to identify at least one invasive plant species in your Community or region. If you can, remove some of it responsibly and share with us on social media what you’re doing to decolonize the landscapes where you live!"  

-Cheryl Bryce

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If you do decide to complete this challenge, please send us pictures or tag HAT in any social media posts and we can share your story! @HabitatAcqTrust


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