Habitat Steward Dedicates Barn to Wildlife

Are you a good neighbour to nature? This is the question that makes up the foundation of HAT’s Good Neighbours Program. The idea behind the program is that conservation does not have to be a single act but can be a practice that describes how we interact with the natural world around us. People like you can make small changes on your land that can have an incredibly large impact on the ecosystems that we live in. This month HAT would love to highlight a Habitat Steward and Metchosin resident Doris Lundy who is doing spectacular things on her property to enhance the local flora and fauna.

Above: Habitat Steward Doris Lundy sitting in from of the barn that she

is dedicating to wildlife. 

Doris recently offered the upper portion of her large barn as habitat for barn swallows, barn owls, and bats, hoping that they would be able to make use of a space that she no longer could. For years Doris has been protecting and restoring small areas of her property that is currently used as a paddock for sheep. By fencing off small portions and protecting small native trees from the indiscretion of sheeply teeth, Doris was already making a huge difference in the restoration and protection of the endangered Garry Oak ecosystems. To add further to her efforts, she has been active in reseeding areas with native wildflowers, and putting up bird boxes to house Violet-Green swallows and Tree swallows.

Below are some pictures taken on Doris’s property that showcases that amazing work and incredible space that she is dedicating to wildlife.

Above: (left) Paige Erickson-McGee and Doris Lundy, (middle) the inside of the barn attic that will hopefully be a home for wildlife, and (right) a volunteer helps to install bird boxes on the exterior of the large barn.

If you are interested in becoming a Habitat Steward or want to learn more about what you can do to be a good neighbor to nature please contact our Stewardship Coordinator Paige Erickson-McGee by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or phone 250-995-2428.



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