Land Protection Program New Video!

HAT is excited to present our New Land Protection Program video. Most of Land Protection Program happens behind the scenes and it was such a gift to have the talented Rodrigo Inostroza helps us showcase it for everyone to see. Before you watch the video here is a little introduction from our Land Protection Coordinator Barb von Sacken:

"As residents of Southern Vancouver Island, we are blessed with amazing opportunities and ready access to a wonderful array of nature through our local, regional and provincial parks. We share our love and use of these spaces with a huge array of species from the tiny sharp tailed snakes and bearded owl-clover to the large and wondrous black bears and soaring Douglas fir trees. What may surprise many is the number of these plants and animals that are struggling to thrive in our seeming abundance of nature. In B.C. more species and habitats are considered threatened or endangered than in any other province or territory (learn more).

For many of these species and habitats, private conservation lands such as those protected by HAT can play a very important role in their ongoing survival. Private conservation lands provide buffers, refuge, and habitat links. Much like the regional conservation areas of the CRD parks, or BC Parks ecological reserves private conservation lands ensure healthy environments for species to live out their important life activities of breeding, feeding, denning and dispersing, sheltered from our human nature loving curiosity. However, unlike public parks, private conservation lands are often owned and stewarded by individuals and families who work in partnership with HAT and other land trusts by registering and maintaining conservation covenants on their land titles. These landowners have an intimate knowledge of the diversity and ebb and flow of life on their land and the important role their commitment to conservation plays in the dance of nature. During our annual monitoring HAT staff and volunteers regularly witness thriving plant populations, cougar scratching posts marking their territory, and butterflies honing in on specific plants in blooming meadows. At HAT we look forward to continuing to work with and learn from landowners to conserve the abundance of nature on Southern Vancouver Island."

To find out more about conservation covenants contact Barb von Sacken -Land Acquisition Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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