New School, New Students, New Garden



November 21st was a fantastic day at the new KELSET Elementary School. The day was crisp and windy, but the rain held off as we got to work with our shovels and rakes.

As a part of HAT's Green Spots education program, 6 classes from Kindergarten to grade 5 planted the naturescape garden with over 200 native shrubs and trees. The students planned the garden, deciding where the plants would go and which features will be included in the space.

Thank you to all the students and staff at KELSET for all of their hard work, and to the parent volunteers who came out to lend a hand. JB and Earl Claxton Jr. from the TSAWOUT First Nations Community were there as well, and Dave Friend of Friendly organics. There were special appearances at the end of the day from Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright, as well as HAT's own Garry Oakley! Shaw Daily came to cover the event, so keep your eyes open for the segment on TV.

The garden will be used as an outdoor classroom by the staff at KELSET, where students can learn about the local ecosystem and the history of the land around them. This is just the first part of the natural school ground that is planned for the new school.



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