Bat Box Stories

Have you seen bats flying above your property? Then you might make an awesome candidate for a bat box. Bat boxes provide habitat for some of our endangered species of bat and many incredible community members even build their own. Here are some success stories and pictures from bat stewards in the area. If you feel inspired you do it too! Read more to learn about bat boxes!


(Above) Bat stewards Winona Pugh and family installed a 4-chambered maternity box on the sunny side of their heritage hay barn at Hi-Lo Farms. The barn will be shared with a barn owl family but should suit both. Thanks to Ian and Anne for organizing a fantastic bat box building workshop!


(Above) Bat boxes build by the Burke Mountain Naturalist Group. These are made out of rough cedar plank material and have three different sizes available!


(Above) Here are some photos taken by a steward that had a stray bat take refuge at their hour for four days. In the picture on the right the bat is protected from the elements and predators by a shield installed by the stewards. The bat was soon on its way and most thankful for the protection.


(Above) Two bat boxes installed by bat stewards on the side of their homes. Who knew providing bat habitat could be so easy!

We always like to share pictures of bat and their homes and we hope you enjoyed them too. If you have any questions check out the links below and/or feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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