Annual General Meeting Notice

Please join us on Thursday, January 24th, 2013 at the Swan Lake Nature House at 7:00 for HAT's Annual General Meeting.  Catch up with HAT over the past year, and find out what we're looking forward to in the future.  Snacks and refreshments will be served.

You can download our 2012 Annual Report here, and our reviewed Financial Statements here.  Both the Annual Report and Financial Statements will be available at the meeting.  You can also watch a summary of our work this work on video at the bottom of this page!


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HAT Removes Broom by the Canoe Load!


HAT was thrilled to be asked by Glenlyon Norfolk School to be apart of their day of environmental service with their students. The goal of the day was to restore Mary Tod Island, also known as Jimmy Chicken Island, it has a very rich history and interesting backstory that you can read more about here. The island is rampant with broom, so much so that in order to access the middle of the island the students needed to first pull enough broom to make a path! 


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No Power, No Problem: Gala Evening a Success

No power, no problem

Thank you to everyone who made last night’s (Nov 18th) Gala Evening a wonderful experience!  In addition to the usual suspects, including Jawl Properties, Phillips Brewery, Sea Cider, and Scott Melville Auctions, we also have to thank the elements.

Last night’s storm knocked out power just before the Gala Evening was due to start!  Fortunately, the Atrium’s emergency lighting set  the perfect mood for the evening, the String Quartet from UVic was acoustic, and auctioneer Scott Melville has a strong voice.  However, the kitchen was another matter.

With no power, the kitchen was left without lights, and without an oven – a challenge Chef Dwane MacIsaac and his Passioneat Foods crew hadn’t counted on.  With just the Cook Culture kitchen’s working stovetop, Dwane managed to turn out an amazing charcuterie board with local meats and cheeses, local morel mushrooms with truffle oil on crostinis and a fabulous Peace River Beef Tenderloin with wild BC Mushrooms.  However, it wasn’t until the power was restored at 9:00 pm, and Zambri’s Restaurant offered the use of their ovens, that Dwane was able to bring his handcrafted pizza and chocolate bread pudding.

It was a memorable, and wonderful, evening for us.  We hope that everyone can join us again next year – even the storm is welcome.

Thank you,

Adam Taylor
Executive Director


50 Acres Adjacent to Thetis Lk Protected Forever

It was 4 am in late December, just before Christmas. I was bleary eyed, tired, and shivering uncontrollably.  It was difficult to recall exactly why I had insisted on dragging my wife and infant son to the Highlands of Greater Victoria in the dark, rather than sleeping at home in a warm bed, and I was somewhat concerned that I might be required to explain my actions soon.  I was fortunate this time though – I was rescued shortly by the gentle “ho-ho-hohoho…” bouncing ball-like call of a Western Screech-Owl; a call I hadn’t heard in years.  The hope of seeing or hearing an owl was what the motivation for our family’s early morning sojourn, and the pay-off was worth the lost sleep.

Ginns stonecropThe Highlands’ forested hills are one the few places on south Vancouver Island you can still hear the once wide-spread Western Screech-Owl’s (Megascops kennicottii kennicottii )call, if you’re lucky.  The loss of old forest habitat has taken a heavy toll on this small owl.  Earlier this year, the Western Screech-Owl’s status was “upgraded” to Threatened by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada, due to “serious declines in the southern part of its range in Metro Vancouver, Victoria and the Gulf Islands areas, where it has nearly disappeared over the last 10 to 15 years.” (COSEWIC, 2012)  Unfortunately, the Screech-Owl is hardly unique.  Many other species, including bats, birds, frogs, and turtles, share the Screech-Owl’s habitat, and are suffering the same fate.


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Play Again Film

What are the consequences of a childhood removed from nature?


HAT and Open Cinema are thrilled to host the Victoria premiere of PLAY AGAIN.  Join us November 7th at the Victoria Events Centre for the PLAY AGAIN film, and discussion with a panel including: Lisa Lockerbie, Sooke Nature Kindergarten, David Segal, Power To Be, Dr. Richard Kool, Royal Roads University, and HAT's own Todd Carnahan.  Tickets are betwen $10 and $20 at the door - no advance tickets are available.  


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