Hummingbirds at Matson Conservation Land!


Volunteers from the Rocky Point Bird Observatory are monitoring a swarm of hummingbirds in the Matson Conservation Area, HAT's demonstration site for urban habitat conservation. Working for biologist Alison Moran, they are discovering some previously unobserved behaviours from mother Annas Hummingbirds. It may be that our local (and recently established) population is really taking off, especially considering the skyrocketing numbers observed at the Christmas bird count. Find out more by clicking here.


Winning the War - A Journey to Senanus Island

Untitled-1The following feel good story was written by Denis Coupland from KENNES Watershed Project and he paints a beautiful picture of what goes into restoring special areas in our region. HAT has been fortunate enough to participate in this journey for the past few years and to see the difference a group of volunteers can make is powerful. This year HAT was represented by Todd Carnahan (he also took all the photos you are about to see!), our new summer intern Paige- Erickson-McGee and three HAT volunteers. Enjoy the following read and pass it along to anyone who has put in time and effort to help restore natural areas.



Read more: Winning the War - A Journey to Senanus Island

Students Tour Stoneridge Wetland with HAT

Stoneridge-Wetlands-Eagleview-studentsWhen Eagleview Elementary contacted HAT for a nature tour of the Stoneridge Wetland we jumped at the chance. With a new school and residential neighbourhood now beside the wetlands, HAT’s Craigflower Creek Good Neighbours Project will help them to care for this and other sensitive habitats around the school. The students’ families and others in the Craigflower watershed can meet with our staff on their properties to identify land care opportunities that maintain high water quality and prevent erosion. Visits are free and confidential; landowners receive detailed information about their land including suggested native plants and solutions for common landscape issues like invasive plants. Call Todd or Paige at 250 995 2428 to schedule a visit.


HAT Welcomes Paige, Our New Summer Intern

Is anyone else shocked by the fact that May is almost over? We have been so busy here at HAT that we haven't had time to process this strange phenomenon. Our sumer is going to be our busiest one in the past fifteen years (next week alone we are out in the field and at various events six of the seven days) so it could not be beter timing to bring on a new intern. We are pleased to announce that HAT has hired Paige Erickson-McGee for the next four months on a summer internship. Paige was born and raised in the Capital Regional District and has extensive knowledge of the area and the species that inhabit it. She brings her background from the Environmental Technician Program at Camosun College as well her work experience that rangers from the Department of National Defence to the World Fisheries Trust. We are glad to have her on board and look forward to a busy summer!


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