HAT Welcomes Paige, Our New Summer Intern

Is anyone else shocked by the fact that May is almost over? We have been so busy here at HAT that we haven't had time to process this strange phenomenon. Our sumer is going to be our busiest one in the past fifteen years (next week alone we are out in the field and at various events six of the seven days) so it could not be beter timing to bring on a new intern. We are pleased to announce that HAT has hired Paige Erickson-McGee for the next four months on a summer internship. Paige was born and raised in the Capital Regional District and has extensive knowledge of the area and the species that inhabit it. She brings her background from the Environmental Technician Program at Camosun College as well her work experience that rangers from the Department of National Defence to the World Fisheries Trust. We are glad to have her on board and look forward to a busy summer!


Landsdowne Middle School Students Restore Garry Oak Meadow

P1120614Two seperate days this month, we were fortunate enough to have a large group of students from Landsdown Middle School come help us restory the Garry Oak meadows at the Matson Conservation Area. They were an enthusiastic group lead by their teacher Mme.Couture and were keen to not only pull invasive species but to learn about the creatures and various plant life that exists in a Garry Oak Meadow. It is an important time of year to get rid of the ivy and these students were able to make a big difference. It is important to never undersestimate the power of youth, their energy and tenacity when it came to pulling ivy and blackberry was great to see. Lansdowne Middle School also has a native plant garden on their property and are a great example and leader in terms of a school taking charge and helping to shape ecosystems at their school and abroad.


HAT Wins Land Trust Award for Conservation Connection

IMG 3157We are proud to announce that we have recently been awarded a 2012 Land Trust Award - Best Program (non-land) for our 2011 Conservation Connection Forum. We cannot be happier receiving this award for an event that we put so much time and effort into to ensure that all conservation groups attending leave the event feeling inspired and educated on a new topic. The 2011 forum was a highlight for HAT as we had an amazing group of facilitators and workshop gurus during the day and then capped it off with an uplifting speech from the one and only Bob McDonald. You can read more about Conservation Connection here and we look forward to seeing you all again this September for the 2012 forum. Thanks again to Land Trust Alliance of BC for hosting a great conference and a wonderful awards ceremony,


Nature Conservancy of Canada Helps Matson Lands

Katy-Fulton-n-Hailey-ONeill-NCC-covenant-monitors-at-matsonHAT and the Nature Conservancy of Canada have worked together for many years to create conservation legacies including the Matson Lands in 2004. NCC holds and monitors the covenant on this HAT property which is a demonstration site for urban habitat management. Enjoying May’s spectacular wildflower blooms, NCC staff Katy Fulton and intern Hailey O’Neill review conservation covenant monitoring procedures at Matson’s nationally-significant harbourside oak meadows.


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