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Fundraising for Educational Programs at Goldstream Provincial Park

Bald Eagle -Adam Taylor

There are certain natural wonders in this world that every child should have the chance to experience. The annual Salmon Run at Goldstream Provincial Park is one of them. In the past, local schoolchildren were able to experience this amazing occurrence through provincially funded educational programs and the Salmon Run programs at Goldstream Provincial Park; where the educational programs became a fixture in the curriculum of our local schools. After provincial funding was withdrawn in 2002, and user fees for the programs were put in place, many schools and families were unable to afford this opportunity. Even more so, scientists have been exploring the idea that our children are suffering from “nature deficit disorder”, and it is becoming increasingly important to include explorations in nature as part of a child’s education. 

Despite these combined challenges, this year will mark 10 years where, HAT and RLC Park Services Naturalists at the Goldstream Nature House have worked together in a fundraising effort to keep these programs affordable for all students, regardless of economic status. This endeavor, known as the Goldstream Chums Corporate Sponsorship Program, reaches out to local businesses and individuals for financial support to help offset costs for schools wishing to attend the Goldstream Salmon Run programs. In the past ten years of the program, close to $200,000 in support has made it possible for over 50,000 of our community’s schoolchildren to attend these outdoor, experiential, and nature education programs! This is absolutely amazing!

Our goal for 2013 is to expand on the previous successes of the Goldstream Chums. We are greatful for having new community members each year join the effort to keep the Goldstream Salmon Run programs available to all children, allowing them to witness this incredible spectacle at a reduced cost! We hope that you will consider becoming involved in this worthwhile effort.

How the Goldstream Chums works:

There are five levels of support:

Legacy Level - $5000 – and Up – sponsoring ~50 classes

Vision Level - $1000 - $4999 – sponsoring ~10 classes

Leaders Level - $500 - $999 – sponsoring ~5 classes

Builders Level - $250 - $499 – sponsoring ~2 classes

Friends Level - $1 - $249 – sponsoring ~1 class

To support Goldstream Chums, please contact the Goldstream Nature House at 250-478-9414 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or you can also designate a donation to HAT towards the Goldstream Chums.



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