Land Cover Mapping Data Layers

LandCoverMapping1hectarewebThese packages includes land cover, tree loss, and impervious surface gains in Capital Regional District Core municipal area data layers for 2005 & 2011.  An additional data layer includes tree cover and impervious surface analysis for 1986.  Data layers are also provided for the Juan de Fuca region, using imagery from 2005 & 2011 to provide image cover for the entire region.  Please refer to the full report for more information on the methodologies used and data limitations.

The data is provided for free, although we encourage donations to Habitat Acquisition Trust to support programs such as this.  All data provided here, including the "JDF Layer Package", "2011_CRD_Layer_Packages" and the "2011_CRD_Layer_Files_One_Ha_Grids_FILE_GDB" is made available under the Open Database License: Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License: - See more at:

Please note that to make use of the data layers, you will require Geographic Informations Systems software, such as ERSI's Arc GIS or Quantum GIS.  Quantum GIS is an open-source project provide free of charge.  ERSI provides a free, feature limited, edition of their software.


2011 and 2005 CRD Core Municipal Area Land Cover Data Package (2011_CRD_Layer_Packages) 85mb zip file

2011 and 2005 CRD Core Municipal Area Tree & Impervious Surface Density 1 Hectare Grid (2011_CRD_Layer_Files_One_Ha_Grids_FILE_GDB) 15mb zip file

Juan de Fuca Region Land Cover Data Package (JDF_Layer_Package) 70 mb zip file


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