HAT has a number of programs designed to help us achieve our mission of conserving nature on south Vancouver Island. Explore them here below to find out what we’re doing, and how you can get involved.

Land Protection

HAT protects natural landscapes through the acquisition of covenants and fee-simple land title. Both these approaches result in natural areas that are legally, permanently protected.

Good Neighbours

HAT helps people become exceptional stewards of nature on their land. Through land care visits, personalized property prescriptions, workshops, demonstration projects, and publications, HAT gives residents the tools they need to make a positive difference for nature.

Focus Species

Some species need more help than others. Many species in our region have been recognized as species at risk – that is, species whose populations are declining, in danger of being extirpated or even going extinct. Even more important: where there is a species at risk, there is a habitat under pressure.

Green Spots

Kids need to get engaged with nature close to home, to get their hands dirty and, to become educated about our environment on how to restore, and conserve our lands! HAT helps schools identify a way to engage with nature within walking distance of their school grounds, and helps them get students outside and engaged.

Goldstream Chums

Salmon run school programs are an iconic nature experience for almost every kid that has grown up in Victoria. Since the BC Parks cut funding for these programs, HAT and local businesses have teamed up to make sure that kids still get the chance to experience the Salmon Run with a knowledgeable Naturalist to teach them.

Conservation Connection

We’re not alone! There are many other people and groups working to protect our environment, and we do a better job when we work together. 'Conservation Connection' brings people together to share ideas, projects, and knowledge to conserve our lands, restore endangered habitats and protect/prevent species from being at risk or extinct.


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