The HAT Community successfully came together to support us in making this coastal gem a home for wildlife, forever.


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Who: Habitat Acquisition Trust's Team, Louise Paterson who grew up with the land, and community members and supporters like you!

What: Raised $10,600 towards protecting 7.2 acres of coastal forest and 143 m of sensitive shoreline habitat at Fairview. 

With your help this campaign will also secure protection for Calypso Woods, 5.8+ acres featuring two creeks and home for megafauna that desperately need places where they can safely avoid conflict with humans.

Where: Connected to East Sooke Parks and an important staging ground for migratory birds, espcially birds of prey, before they journey annually across the Georgia Strait. Expanding the connectivity of this park as vital wildlife habitat and a travel corridor.

When:  When our goals were exceeded, funds went to the Land Protection program which supports future covenants and ongoing stewardship of existing conservation lands. 

Why: Fairview hosts a diversity of ecosystems from undeveloped shoreline providing homes for shellfish and marine mammals to second growth coastal Douglas Fir. If protected, with time the forested land can transform into old growth. Fairview even features an endangered Garry Oak and Arbutus community, and habitat for species of concern like our Red-legged frog. This land also holds archaeological evidence of indigenous use dating back thousands of years, making it both culturally and ecologically significant.


"I grew up here. We all did."
- Remarks landholder Louise's daughter June, reminiscing about her and her brother's connection to the land. This closeness with nature spurred Louise to conserve this special place for wildlife.

How: How can you still get involved? Donate today. Each donation makes a difference as we continue to steward and ecologically vital areas like Fairview. Each donor will receive a hand-written wildlife "Thank you!" card straight from the heart via snail-mail.

You can also show your support by sharing HAT with a friend, starting a conversation about land conservation, or joining a restoration event in the community. Every action helps. 


This successfull campaign will secure a safe landing place for migratory birds and marine mammals that need safe passages and place they can call home. 

More information

To learn more about protecting these amazing places please feel welcome to contact the HAT team.

Read more about HAT's covenant program.


Alanah Nasadyk, Community & Development Coordinator Habitat Acquisition Trust, 250-995-2428, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!



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