Learn How YOU Can Support Native Bees in Your Garden! - Sooke
Wednesday 26 September 2018, 07:00pm - 08:00pm


Paige Erickson-McGee, Stewardship Coordinator for Habitat Acquisition Trust and co-chair of Victoria's Native Plant Study Group is offering a talk to help you learn about you can support our local native bees in your backyard and garden. Paige grew up on Shawnigan Lake exploring nature with her dog. She completed her degree in Geography at the University of Victoria in 2015. She is a certified Environmental Technologist and Archeological Field Assistant, with a passion for botany. Paige is a lead pollinator steward for the Haliburton Farm Urban Biodiversity Enhancement and Restoration Project and loves all things related to botany and bees.

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Did you know that 70% of crops require or benefit from pollinators? Without them, we would lose about 1/3 of our food. Blueberries, squash, peppers, apples, carrots, and almonds are just a few of the foods that need pollinators. Stewardship actions can be very rewarding for both you and the bees, and connects you to nature in a very meaningful way. This talk will cover some easy to implement ideas for becoming a "good neighbor" to nature, and how you can feed the bees and yourself with pollinator-friendly wild edibles too.


Location St Rose of Lima Catholic Church 2191 Townsend Rd, Sooke BC V9Z 0H4
Drop-in cost is $5
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