Please use and expand on the data sets below, and please tell us how you are using it by sending us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. All data is free to use and licensed under the Open Commons Data License. This license places two restrictions on the use of data. First, any products that use the data attribute the data to HAT. Second, any products made publicly available with the data must also be openly available.

HAT has begun an effort to make the data that it collects openly available for others to build upon, extend, and add to. By open, we mean the data will be made freely available for download in non-propitiatory, machine-readable format under an appropriate open source license.

This is different than the reports we have produced in the past which have presented data in a way that requires significant effort to extract for further analysis or extension.

There are number of limitations on the data that HAT makes available:

  1. HAT will not share any personal information collected, and will comply with the organization’s Privacy Policy, and all relevant legislation regarding privacy. Likewise, HAT cannot share data in cases where the data was obtained on the condition of confidence.
  2. HAT may not make data openly available if there is a reasonable belief that doing so may cause a species, ecosystem, or location damage as result. Where possible, masked data will be made available instead if that will significantly reduce or eliminate the threat of damage.
  3. HAT may lack the capacity to make some data open. For instance, converting data from a closed format to an open format, extracting data from documents, or masking data may not be possible within the scope of HAT’s resources.

All data available on this page is licensed under the Open Database License: Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License: - See more at:

Forest & Land Cover Mapping

DESCRIPTION: These databases includes land cover, tree loss, and impervious surface gains in Capital Regional District Core municipal area data layers for 2005 & 2011. An additional data layer includes tree cover and impervious surface analysis for 1986. Data layers are also provided for the Juan de Fuca region, using imagery from 2005 & 2011 to provide image cover for the entire region. Please refer to the full report for more information on the methodologies used and data limitations.

2011 and 2005 CRD Core Municipal Area Land Cover Data Package (2011_CRD_Layer_Packages) 85mb zip file

2011 and 2005 CRD Core Municipal Area Tree & Impervious Surface Density 1 Hectare Grid (2011_CRD_Layer_Files_One_Ha_Grids_FILE_GDB) 15mb zip file

Juan de Fuca Region Land Cover Data Package (JDF_Layer_Package) 70 mb zip file

Amphibian Road Kill Data

DESCRIPTION: In February and March 2015, HAT staff, contractors, and volunteers surveyed roadways for living and dead amphibians in areas identified as having a high potential for amphibian road hill.

2015 Survey Results for Amphiban Road Kill in Greater Victoria (.csv)


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