Native Pollinators Talk
Saturday 27 February 2016, 02:00pm - 04:00pm

Learn about the diversity of native pollinators of Vancouver Island, how they behave, how their vision works and why they are superior biotic agents for pollination service for our native flora. Once you know how native bees behave and their life-cycles, you will learn about the type of nesting and foraging habitat that will encourage them in your area.


Presenter Bio:
Gord is a former field biologist specializing in dragonflies and general insect surveys for Conservation Data Centre, Royal B.C. Museum, Yukon Territory Government and Canadian Wildlife Service. Having kept orchard mason bees for the past twenty-five year, Gord’s research has been focused primarily on native bee species in the last few years and he is now looking into pollination of commercial operations such as farms and orchards. 


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Location Compost Education Centre - 1216 N Park St Victoria, BC V8T 1C9
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