Ecology and Restoration of Garry Oak Ecosystems - Saanich Native Plants
From Saturday 29 April 2017 -  09:00am
To Sunday 30 April 2017 - 03:00pm


Garry oak ecosystems are among the most endangered habitats in Canada – reduced to less than 5% of their original range. Remaining areas are often degraded by invasive species and other stressors. Restoration can aid the recovery of these special places and provide a pathway for positive connections between nature and human communities. This course examines the ecology, plant identification, plants, and natural history of Garry oak ecosystems. You’ll learn field-tested practical techniques for enhancing degraded areas and methods for converting fields and lawns to native meadow. Field trips included.

This course is through Royal Roads University, Continuing Studies, and will be lead by Kristen and James Miskelly. It is a 3 day course that includes off-campus field trips. Locations will be communicated 1-2 weeks prior to the course. 

Register through RRU 'Green Learning' here. 

Location Locations with be communicated 1-2 weeks prior to the course.
This is a 3 day course taking place on the weekends during the last week of April and first week of May.
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