Invaders of the Coast Workshop!
From Friday 22 September 2017
To Saturday 23 September 2017
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Yellow Flag Iris resizedStrategies to remove invasive plants that threaten your land and water.

Do you struggle with invasive plants on your land? Don and Sue will provide an update on research highlighting potential new removal strategies for invasive plants focusing on Yellow Flag Iris. Yellow flag iris is an aggressive ornamental water garden plant that is spreading rapidly, out-competing native plant species and altering aquatic ecosystems across the Pacific Northwest. The talk will be followed on Saturday by a workshop and demonstration (hands-on optional) at a local Metchosin property removing Yellow Flag Iris. They welcome your questions and concerns about other problem invasive plant species as well. This is a part of the HAT Metchosin Shoreline Good Neighbours Program, funded in part by the Metchosin Foundation.

Don Hare is the Executive Director for the Coastal ISC. Don brings with him over 17 years of hands-on operational and strategic invasive plant management experience, having managed invasive species for Canada as the subject matter expert for Dow AgroSciences, and most recently in his role as the program coordinator for Alberta Invasive Species Council. Don is passionate about invasive species management and looks forward to protecting our region from the impacts of invasive species.

Sue Staniforth is the Education and Outreach Coordinator for ISCBC. Sue has been with the ISCBC since 2013, and has experience in curriculum development, teacher professional development and evaluation. Sue is developing and promoting province-wide educational programs on invasive species. She lives in North Saanich with her husband and daughter, and enjoys hiking, kayaking, gardening, and raising chickens.


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Invader Coast Yellow Flag Iris walk and Talk Metchosin GN 2017 updated dates Sept 6 2017

Location Metchosin Municipal Hall - 4450 Happy Valley Road
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