Upcoming HAT Restoration Events in November

Upcoming HAT Restoration Events! ūüĆ≤
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Events on Nov 17th, 21st and 26th ūüéČ




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Planting at Oak Haven Park

 Planting Slim-leaf Onion at Oak Haven Park

HAT holds a Conservation Covenant on Oak Haven Park, a Central Saanich municipal park. Central Saanich asked HAT to register a covenant on the park to ensure that future generations would continue to respect and protect the rare Garry Oak meadows and wildflowers that give the park its name. Oak Haven Municipal Park is a 10-hectare rocky outcrop of endangered Garry Oak and associated ecosystems. Unique and beautiful, Garry Oak ecosystems are considered one of the three most threatened in Canada. 


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Farewell to Wendy

After 14 years with HAT, Wendy Tyrrell has departed her position as Habitat Management Coordinator to start a role with Islands Trust Conservancy. Wendy began her work with HAT in a land protection role but eventually was instrumental in creating and coordinating HAT’s Habitat Management Program wherein she was a strong advocate for ecological management within HAT’s protected areas. Wendy believes strongly in community-led restoration and the power of healing the Earth to also heal ourselves.

Over the years, Wendy worked tirelessly to connect volunteers with opportunities to participate in ecological restoration. She facilitated long-lasting groups such as the Matson Mattocks and Friends of Havenwood Park. We’ll dearly miss Wendy as a key HAT team member, and we’re so proud of her for taking the next step in her career. Stepping into Wendy’s role in an acting capacity is Sara Lax who has already hit the ground running. 


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Seeding at Matson Conservation Area

The Matson Mattocks and the HAT restoration crew took to the stunning Garry Oak meadow on Sept 13th to give the ecosystems a helping hand.

Matson Conservation Area is a 2.4-acre property in Esquimalt and contains Victoria harbour's last patch of rare and endangered Garry oak ecosystems. Work from HAT, Matson Mattocks, Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Township of Esquimalt over the past few years has made a massive positive impact on this endangered ecosystem. Most recently the 2021 HAT Restoration crew has been removing grass thatch from the meadows to allow space for native plants to grow (Instagram Post). As the grass plants die back at the end of the year, they can create thick matted layers of thatch that prevent seeds of native plants from reaching the soil and germinating. Prior to 1850 first nation groups would manage grass thatch with prescribed burns (GOERT, 2013). If you are interested in learning more about it here is a great podcast (Indigenous Fire Ecology - Good Fire), a video highlighting the importance of these burns (Youtube) & an article about Indigenous Fire Management and Traditional Knowledge. Manually cutting the grass thatch is a slightly more labour-intensive substitute for these burns but does the job of clearing meadows ready for native plants.


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Land Protection Coordinator -- Career Opportunity

Position Description:‚ÄĮLand Protection Coordinator (Permanent)¬†

Timeline:‚ÄĮStarting September 13, 2021 (flexible)¬†¬†

Application deadline: Thursday August 12, 2021 at noon. 

Compensation:‚ÄĮ$23 to $26.50 per hour commensurate with experience, 0.6¬†FTE (part-time) or ~22.5 hours per week, plus:

  • a comprehensive and competitive benefits package with paramedical coverage¬†
  • a flexible schedule and casual work environment
  • paid vacation earned after 6 months employment
  • membership to Modo Carshare for work and personal use
  • passionate colleagues



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